Going to the North | Exploration Game

Calling attention to environment using fun game

Our team was tasked with concepting, designing and developing a gamified solution to meet the needs of Oil & Gas Company with a focus on nature and people. We developed Exploration Mini-Game where you need to find animals on the map, and help them by completing tasks.


Oil & Gas Company (*NDA)




Game Design, Web Design, Gamification

We designed a huge custom map of 2,073,600 pixels.

It depicts a variety of locations for the tasks that the user needs to perform. Also a large variety of animals, birds, fish and etc.

This project is important not only for users in terms of entertainment, but also to familiarize them with the flora and fauna of the northern territories and how to protect nature.

Some of the levels show how to take care of those or other animals that live in difficult conditions.

There was also developed a dedicated mobile version for this project, so that it was convenient to play and explore the terrain with the help of a phone or tablet.

As a result, the client was extremely satisfied with this interesting and creative project. The project helped to attract adult users, as well as their children, to familiarize themselves with the environment and raffle off a trip to the North Pole expedition.

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