Garnier Fructis | Survival Mini-Game

How to attract a playful audience to sell hair products

The collaboration with Garnier started in 2023 and continues to this day through various projects. We needed to develop a survival mini-game for Garnier. In it, we play as a character who faces obstacles that can harm your hair, and you have to dodge the hurdles to beat them and win a promo code.






Game Design, Web Design, Gamification

We have designed the primary interface, encompassing the main page, three tiers of gameplay (user experience, user interface, and locations), character avatars (female/male), diversified selections of attire and hairstyles, as well as environmental challenges (such as sunlight, wind, and lightning).

We created unique and customized personas to meet the client’s needs, using color schemes according to official branding guidelines and complementary colors.

We have carefully crafted many UI elements, from informative pop-ups to in-game components. All of these design elements combine to contribute to an enjoyable gameplay experience.

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