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Exciting AR application for Dartmouth College students

Beginning in 2019, GamifyCat began a partnership with Dartmouth College. We were later approached by Michael Gronas (Associate Professor) with the task of developing a prototype augmented reality app for the Hood Art Museum, located on the Dartmouth College campus. We developed the first prototypes of this application.

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Dartmouth College




Art direction, Web Design, App Deisgn

When visitors explore the museum, they can easily locate their desired exhibit. By activating our app on their smartphones, they simply point the camera with AR mode enabled towards the painting of interest. Instantly, they access detailed information about the artwork through pop-up windows within the app. This data can be saved for later reference or effortlessly shared with friends, enriching the museum experience.

Following Dartmouth College’s color palette, our next stride was to craft a prototype and design the app. We meticulously developed a series of layouts to encapsulate the essence of the institution’s visual identity. In total, we created 10 layouts, each imbued with varying degrees of complexity and functionality, ensuring a seamless integration of design and user experience.

In honor of Dartmouth College’s 250th anniversary, GamifyCat was entrusted with a time-sensitive mission: to create a webpage housing downloadable apps for both Android and iOS platforms, all within a single day. Rising to the challenge, our team swiftly mobilized, leveraging our expertise to deliver a seamlessly functional webpage adorned with the celebratory spirit befitting such a milestone occasion.

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