Vodafone | Storyline Quest

Increased Vodafone users embracing interactivity

In partnership with Vodafone Group, we’ve created an exciting gamification adventure presented as an immersive narrative of a virtual journey.

Embark on an adventure where your choices determine the journey ahead as you navigate the vibrant cities of Vancouver, New York and Istanbul, immersing yourself in mini-games along the way.


Vodafone Group




Web Design, Game Design, Development

We made colorful maps for three cities Vancouver, New York, Istanbul. Each map has four locations: three for the story and one for the game.

We have a total of twenty background images: they depict cities or famous places in them.

We designed and developed three fun mini-games: “Bartender game”, “Maze” and “Runner”.

These games can be played either on your computer or on your smartphone.

The end result of this project is to successfully complete all 12 locations, and receive a link to a discount on cell phone service.

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