Garnier Fructis | Tetris Game

How we successfully merged brand with retro gaming

Our team created a HTML5 browser game for Garnier Fructis, inspired by the puzzle video game Dr. Mario. Instead of medical capsules, we used Fructis-branded capsules. This game attracted new customers to Garnier and increased brand recognition.






Game Design, Web Design, Gamification

We suggested that Garnier combine their new Fructis branding, using colorful pills, with a retro Dr. Mario puzzle. In the original game, you had to destroy viruses by controlling falling capsules. We made an alternate version of the game for Fructis, where we collect lines of falling capsules to score points.

The more points the user collects in the allotted time, the more chances they have to win a promo code to buy Garnier Fructis products.

As a result of the promotional campaign, Garnier gained new customers for its new product, and greater brand recognition.

This browser puzzle game is convenient to play for users from both desktop and mobile devices.

We also designed banner ads for advertising in Google ADs, Facebook & Meta & Instagram ADs.

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